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The Burnsville Public Library was part of a concerted effort in the early 1970’s by federal, state and city governments to provide library service to rural West Virginia. The Burnsville Library opened in the summer of 1976, and now serves around 3,000 residents in Braxton County.

The Library and staff are constantly striving to provide the community with educational, fun, interactive content to enrich the lives of everyone in the community. We invite you to come and check out our local library and community hub!

We are a Proud Member of WVLN



WV-READS provides access to electronic materials through a company called Libby. Libby allows you to download audiobooks, ebooks, videos and music to use on your home computer or to transfer to a compatible mobile device.


The West Virginia Library Commission encourages lifelong learning, individual empowerment, civic engagement and an enriched quality of life by enhancing library and information services for all West Virginians.

WV Info Depot

If you need help with research, we offer WVInfoDepot.org, which is an online research database brought to you by the West Virginia Library Commission. Some of the available resources provided include: EBSCOhost articles and journals, consumer health information, WV Archives and History, Learning Express Lib 3.0, and much much more!

Burnsville Bruins

"The Burnsville Elementary School staff strives to create a nurturing environment that fosters academic achievement, as well as, socially responsible and successful learners, through collaboration with families and community with the purpose of meeting and/or exceeding state academic standards."

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Travels with “Bill”

Let's Meet "Bill"

“Bill” is a $1 bill making its way to all 50 States, one rural library at a time, one in each state. The project aims to bring awareness of small rural libraries and their value to the communities that they serve. “Bill” has traveled thousands of miles and has still not finished his journey. When he returns to Rupert, Vermont, I hope to print a record of his journey with host libraries history and photos of his hosts’ facilities and communities. This project began in the spring of 2022 as a way of easing stress and anxiety of emerging from the pandemic which had a serious impact on small, rural libraries. The first “Bill” Project was local in Vermont and involved one library in each of the States’ 14 Counties. Everyone really enjoyed the project and have been extremely supportive in this current project. “Bill” is more than a rather silly adventure, “Bill” is the spirit of small-town America! Some of the towns participating in the ALL 50 2022 Project have populations of less than 1,000 souls! One of the libraries serves an entire COUNTY!! “Bill” is imagination, hard work, innovation, and dedication all rolled into one cool little symbol. Don’t underestimate his impact.

Visit Travels with “Bill” Website

Do you love your community? Are you interesting in becoming more active with your local library and give back? Check out becoming a Friend of the Library today! Click here for more information!

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